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Submit Your Group's Information for Inclusion in the Map

new and existing neighborhood watch groups in Altadena are eligible for inclusion in the map. Where no neighborhood watch group exists in a particular neighborhood of Altadena, a neighborhood association, neighborhood listserv/discussion group or non-profit neighborhood blog capable of communicating information (security, safety, emergency, etc) to local residents may be accepted for inclusion in the map. Any Altadena resident may start a new group. Groups need not conform to traditional neighborhood watch group structures. Groups are encouraged (but not required) to conduct in-person meetings. While cooperation between groups is encouraged, group territories are not exclusive - you may start a group overlapping (or within) the boundaries of any other group.

Please send an email to and include the following information:

Name of Group  
Primary Contact Name, Email, Phone  
Secondary Contact Name, Email, Phone  
Website (if any)  
Maximum Boundaries of Group (the area outside of which you would refuse a member/participant)  

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